How to walk in High Heels

I came across this blog post and thought it was fabulous!! Some of these tips are the exact same tips I tell the models in my runway classes!! You have to practice practice practice and your graceful poise develops and the swag will come. Are you a beginner runway model still carving out your signature walk? Try this: Everytime you go the store park your car purposely far away and use that parking lot as your runway. Hold your head high, be confident, and practice that walk as you walk towards the store. When walking down the city streets practice. Use every opportunity possible to smooth it out and make it you!! You got this… XO

Miss Uschi

Hey everyone!

I just bought a new pair of High Heels yesterday and at the same time I saw a beautiful young woman walking in a pair of Heels. Too bad she wasn’t able to walk in them at all. So I tought I could post a little bit about walking in such shoes. πŸ™‚Β 

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