The Business Side to Beauty…

What to do when a client cancels the last minute.

Lets face it things come up and schedules change. Has it happened to the best of them? Yes. Should you take it personal? No. The reality is everyday life is unpredictable making it almost inevitable that clients including yourself will have to cancel last-minute at some point. An instant bummer especially when it’s a client or project you’ve been planning for, excited about, or counting on.  It is up to you to use this now “free” time in the most positive and productive way possible to benefit your business.

How to fill your time:

Rule of thumb; call your clients the night before to confirm.

If your client confirms and then cancels the day of put your energy into new opportunities. Is this a client located in an area you’ve never been to before? Are you already on your way to location? Don’t turn around! Use this opportunity to generate new leads. Walk around the area to see what it has to offer.  If you’re a makeup artist look for clothing boutiques, bridal shops, cosmetic stores, day spa’s, hair and nail  salons, or any other store with clientele you feel relevant to your business.  Ask questions and ask the stores manager if you could leave your business cards at the front or on its communication board.

Time is money.

Your time is valuable and products cost money. Protect yourself by developing a simple and straight forward contract for your clients to sign beforehand stating you reserve the right to charge them 20% of your fee or keep any deposits made if cancellations are not made 24-48 hours in advance.  This notice of a cancellation  gives you enough time to book other clients in that time slot so you’re not losing out.


New blog posts, tutorials, industry chats,  and giveaways, are  all fun ways to keep your social media pages updated with the latest trends your readers are dying for.

How do you fill your time when clients cancel?  #memosbydesiree

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