It’s a BA Star Holiday

Its official everyone, Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is coming and Christmas is around the corner. Every holiday season two things matter – 1. How many holiday parties your attending and 2. How many fabulous women at the party will be wearing a red lip, during the holiday season I find myself doing more and more makeup tutorials and makeup applications that involve a bold red lip. Intentional or not who doesn’t love a bold red lip? It’s a sexy color to wear, its insta-classy, and is never outdated.

While shopping online for some new lip products I came across a new Holiday Red Lip Color Pencil by BA Star.

7errgDmSSk6wjW4cMcTF_Holiday Red Lip Pencil_LP100I was so excited to try their new lip pencil I asked for a sample to test and write about and just like that in 3 days there it was in my mailbox. Thanks BA Star. BA Star is the # 1 performance makeup among performers, dancers, and cheerleaders. Being a cheerleader in high school myself I knew ahead of time the color would be vibrant. When applying I noticed it glides on nice and smooth and could also be used to fill in the lips as lipstick rather than just line them. My favorite thing about this product is as it wears on your lips it turns into a matte finish so the color shouldn’t bleed and its color lasting all day long. I also love this product because its made in the USA. How do you wear your red lip? I wear mine with a smile. …

securedownload-1Make sure to check out BA Star at to shop and receive 50% off your purchase by using this special reader discount code: BBLIPS. Note: Discount is off the full retail price ONLY. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

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