A smart, passionate, grounded, outgoing, funny, and talented young lady flying by the seat of my pants. A beauty entrepreneur building beauty from the inside out and spreading the vibe. Exploring my dreams of building a brand made possible through the support of my amazing friends, loving family, and inspiring supporters who encourage me to keep pushing. A professional makeup artist who got her start from being a model, specializing my craft in natural beauty with experience spanning across the industry in editorial, fashion/runway, boudoir, bridal, beauty, airbrush and sunless tanning, lifestyle, test, every day, tv/film, and high-profile. A working model and agency instructor under the direction of Tina Kiniry of John Casablanca’s Model and Talent Management of CT. Preparing aspiring models of all ages for the industry I teach courses in: Eyebrow Shaping, Concealer, Foundation, Blush, Contouring, Eyes and Lips. Makeup for photography – B & W, Makeup for photography – Color and Go-see application. Skin Care I, II & III, Personal Image I & II, Nutrition I & II. Television, Communications, Fashion and Runway. Leading fashion classes in haute couture, lines, patterns, trends, style creation, and accessorizing. Walk and model stance, twist walk, ¾ turns, full turns, dior turn, pivots, mannequin posing, and jacket removal for the runway.

Contact information:

Email: dd@desireedelia.com

Peace and Love, Hugs and Kisses,


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